Pure gold (24 carat) is a deep yellow colour, an orange shade of yellow and is soft and very malleable. So alloys have to be added to gold to make it hard and strong. Thus at 22 carat or 91.6% gold only a maximum of 8.4% of alloy metals can be added and it is considered to be the purest form of gold in jewellery making.
At Royals Jewellery, we deal in 91.6 gold as the purest form of gold in jewellery making. Government of India took the cognizance and understood the necessity of protecting the public in its purchases of gold jewellery specially with regard to standards of fineness and the prevention of adulteration, be it deliberate or accidental. The principle objectives of the Hallmarking Scheme are to protect the public against the fraud of adulteration and to oblige manufacturers to maintain legal standards of fineness.
Hallmarking is the accurate determination and official recording of the proportionate content of precious metal in gold.


It is our commitment to our customers,and it is this trust that build us into a renowned jewellers in Kerala. And we believe that pure gold makes human relationships stronger. And builds happy homes and brighten lives.


Technically in gold jewellery business 22 carat or 91.6% gold is pure gold. But for us, the Royals Jewellery, pure gold is our conscience. And we believe that for us it is much beyond technicality. It is our everything.

24 ct 100% 0%
22 ct 91.6% 8.4%
18 ct 75% 25%
14 ct 58.6% 41.5%
9 ct 37.6% 62.5%